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“Efficiency in Metal Recyling”

Environment and innovation

At Fercometal we reinforce our commitment to eco-efficiency, thanks to the efficiency in metal recycling, energy use, and waste management.

 The purpose of the business model defined is the purchase and sale of non-ferrous metals for recycling and transformation in order to give them a second life and obtain new quality consumer products that are respectful with the environment.

 The recycling industry is essential for a sustainable development. Complying with quality, safety and environmental protection. Thanks to the transformation processes, we contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution indices.

We help to improve the social, environmental and economic sustainability of the market.


These certificates endorse us as a guarantee of professionalism, likewise we can store and transport metals and hazardous materials always under current regulations.

FERCOMETAL, S.L., has carried out the project “INVESTMENT PROJECT FOR THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE METAL RECYCLING PROCESS OF THE COMPANY” for which it has obtained a grant of €194,481.84 corresponding to the call for the 2022 financial year, to improve competitiveness and sustainability of industrial SMEs in the automotive, space and aeronautical sectors, biotechnology, audiovisual production, video game production, animation and augmented and virtual reality, leather and footwear industry, ceramics, glass and non-metallic construction materials, manufacturing of containers and packaging, toys, lighting, marble, natural stone and aggregates, metal-mechanics, paper and graphic arts, plastic, chemical industry, textiles and recovery of materials, within the fifth phase of implementation of the Strategic Plan for the Valencian Industry ( INPYME).